• 01.11.2019. 15:00

I have been on diets on and off all my adult life and I have lost lots of weight and then gained more. After attending the ClickerExpo Luminos conference last weekend and listening to the wonderful Dr Susan Friedman it has today occured to me that the reason s (apart from having no self control). The motivation most diets use are not conducive to long term behaviour change. I am no scientist like Dr Friedman so will explain this in my own way

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  • 22.10.2019. 14:12

Communication breakdowns don't just apply to human relationships it also occurs in dog/human relationships

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  • 01.10.2019. 15:18

Did you know dogs & bears are closely related? I didn't until a couple of weeks ago. I had the privilege of spending some time in the Canadian Northern Rain forest with Grizzly Bears and some very knowledgeable guides. All my observations were taken from a boat and the bears had the whole forest to disappear into if and when they wanted but they chose to carry on doing their thing knowing we posed no threat to them.

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