Frequently Asked Questions

I have a "reactive" dog what training is available?

1-2-1 private training can benefit dogs that my have emotional issues such as anxiety & fearful reactions to other dogs & people. So they can learn new skills and spend quality time with their handler without the fear of meeting or being approached by the things they are concerned about. These are held in my secure private field.

Can you help my dog pulls on the lead?

Yes if your dog has a specific issue like pulling on the lead, poor recall or jumping up etc and a general training class is not required. We offer 1-2-1 training courses so we can cover the areas you would like addressing and miss out the rest which may be great for the others but not for you at the time.

What is the difference between a package and a programme?

Packages are block of 1-2-1 sessions usually used for dealing with specific training issues such as recall, lead walking or general skills of a puppy or rescue dog.
Programmes are bespoke and are a 2 or 3 month commitment which will focus more complex behaviour issues or longer term situations. The programme includes a full assessment & goal setting meeting, a full plan & support.

Do you do puppy socialisation classes?

We do not offer face to face group puppy socialisation classes as a puppies key socialisation and learning phase is between birth and 12-16 weeks and as half of this is spent with their mum and the breeder. Then once your puppy is home they have 4 weeks before they have completed their vaccinations so have missed out on much of this key phase. Therefore out 4 week Puppy Partnership course via Zoom will fill this gap and allow you to start your training and will support you during this time. 

Which areas do you cover for 1-2-1 home visits

I cover Clanfield, Horndean, Waterlooville, Havant, Droxford, Hambledon. Wickham, Drayton, Farlington, Cosham, Emsworth, Portsmouth, Southsea, and  anywhere within a 25 mile radius of Portsmouth