Is a Programme Right for You?

My bespoke coaching programmes are best suited for first time dog, puppy or rescued dog partnerships where there the dog and their family are starting from the beginning of their lives together. Many of the programmes focus on bonding, relationship building (or re-building) & confidence on the part of the family and their dog with the end goal of the dog becoming a happy, well adjusted and well mannered member of the family.

A programme may also suit a dog that has one of more behavioural issues that require a strategy over a few weeks, months and sometimes longer.

Therefore my bespoke programmes are a commitment of a minimum of 2 months & often longer personal coaching and support initially via Zoom and when allowed face to face. My programmes may not suit everyone as the processes I use focus on the dog wanting to behave in a certain way which can mean a slower (but longer lasting) progression than some other methods that promote a "quick fix".

To ensure you are happy that I am the right fit for your needs and requirements, there are certain steps that I like to follow which are:
  • A 15 minute "Discovery Call" that can be booked at the top of the page. The call will enable us to talk about the Issues as you see them & how would be best to proceed. l am unable to discuss individual issues during this call as all dogs & your situation are different therefore you would need to complete & return a Background Information Form & have a Zoom or in person (when allowed) meeting before giving the appropriate advice. During this call we can agree whether a programme, one of my training services or another option would suit you and your dog best at this time 
  • Completion of the Background Information Form and a 30 minute initial consultation via video such as Zoom, where we will discuss you, your dog and the situation so we can agree which programme would be best to commence with. This consultation is chargeable but the cost will be deducted from the price of your programme when booked.
If at  the Discovery Call stage it is agreed that a programme is not the best way forward at this time, for example if we agree you require general training my 1-2-1 puppy or dog 6-week training course may be more suitable. If your puppy is under 12 weeks and has not had their vaccinations the only group class I offer is a 4-week Zoom Puppy Partnership course for bonding, relationship building and confidence for you and your puppy.