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Puppy to Pupstar Programme

New for 2021 a programme to give your puppy the best start in life. Many puppy classes focus on training your puppy to do smart things like sit, wait & walk on a lead. These are all valid things that dogs need to do (eventually) but they have a lifetime to learn these things. With this programme we cover the things they need to know such as confidence, bonding, meeting new things and people in the small window of time they have available which can be started as soon as your gorgeous pup is home & settled and can be completed before they are even allowed out into the big wide world.

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Teenage Rebel Programme

New for 2021 a programme to help your teenage dog work through this major life change. This period in your dogs life can ne frightening, stressful for them and a worry for you. With this programme we re-build their confidence, and work through any issues that the fear and stress of these hormonal changes have uncovered. During this time you may feel that your once lovely & loving puppy has turned into a bit of a monster and has forgotten many things they previously knew. This is usually not the case but with the hormones running wild this stage may need careful handling.

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