Puppy to Pupstar Programme

Puppy to Pupstar Programme
Why is the Puppy to Pupstar Programme different?

  • It can start as soon as your puppy has settled into your home and not wait until the vaccinations have been completed.
  • It is flexible so sessions can be held at days and times that suit you (subject to availability).
  • It focuses on you and your puppy with no distractions from other people or dogs and you work at your pace.
  • Confidence, relationships and bonding are the main criteria, once you and your puppy have these sorted then learning is so much easier.
  • It is bespoke so it covers your needs and takes into account you experience so all the information is relevant and valid for you.
  • It is private so any questions can be asked without feeling you are taking up valuable class time.
  • Sessions can be held via video call so complies with any current Covid restrictions.
  • All outside sessions are held in real life locations once the vaccinations are completed and the puppy is happy and confident.

The Puppy to Pupstar programme includes:

  • A 90 minute in home or video consultation (depending on the current Covid regulations)
  • 4 x 45 minute sessions either at home, on my field or in real life situations depending on the individual puppy or dogs vaccination status or current needs. These are booked to completed within 8 weeks of the initial consultation.
  • A progress plan
  • A weekly support call 
  • Email support
  • A 60 min controlled fun session  at my field where they can meet other puppies of a similar age who have also completed a programme.

To request information or to book onto on the programme