Ruby Puppy Programme
Why choose the Ruby puppy coaching programme?

  • They can start as soon as your puppy has settled into your home and not wait until the vaccinations have been completed.
  • The pre-collection or welcome call so you are able to ask all the questions you may have.
  • The programme is flexible so sessions can be held at days and times that suit you (subject to availability).
  • They focus on you and your puppy with no distractions from other people or dogs and you work at your pace.
  • Confidence, relationships and bonding are the main criteria, once you and your puppy have these sorted then learning is so much easier.
  • They are bespoke so cover your needs and take into account your experience so all the information is relevant and valid for you and your puppy.
  • They are  private so any questions can be asked without feeling you are taking up valuable class time.
  • Sessions are held at your home if you live within a 25 minute radius of Portsmouth.
  • Once the vaccinations are completed and the puppy is happy and confident outside sessions can be held in real life suitable environments.

Ruby Puppy Coaching  Programme (for puppies from 8 weeks) - £225

A puppy's key learning phase is up to 16 weeks & for most of this time they are unable to attend a class. So this programme is tailored for your puppy from 8 weeks at your home or out in real life environments once the vaccinations are completed and will include: bonding, building confidence, life skills, puppy behaviours & any concerns you may have taking into account your previous experience

The programme includes:

  • A 30 min pre-collection or welcome video or phone call so you are all set for your puppies arrival
  • An 90 min initial meeting to discuss all things puppy to begin you journey on the right paw.
  • Three 60 minute sessions, at home until your vet says they can go out then we can go to suitable locations for real life training.
  • Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy Book - Steve Mann
  • E-mail or WhatsApp support
  • Discount on Perfect Fit harness

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