Puppy Programme for puppies from 8 weeks at home to ensure you your life with your puppy gets off to a great start.

4-week Face  to Face Puppy Programmes  - £200
NEW 4-week Online (via Zoom) Puppy Programme - £175

Your puppy learns so much up to 16- 20 weeks & for most of this time they are unable to attend a class as they have hopefully spent at least half of this time with their mum, siblings and the breeder. Then approximately the first 4 weeks with you they are unable to leave the home on foot.

These programmes are designed to provide what you need to give your puppy a great start in their life

To get the most out of your Puppy's key learning phase our puppy programmes can start as soon as your puppy is settled in your home. They are tailored to your experience and your puppy's breed and temperament.

Face to face programmes will vary depending on the age of your puppy, their vaccination status and your experience, but will consist of:
- Four 60 minute home visits or outside sessions once your puppy has completed their vaccinations
- A puppy pack with treat & food samples

The pre-vaccinated puppy programme may include:
  • Support with routines such as toileting, rest, sleep and exercise
  • Relationship & confidence building
  • Calmness & settling
  • Two-way communication
  • Puppy skills
The post vaccination programme may include:
Any of the above where required in the home environment & outside
Introductions to
  • Lead walking
  • Recall
  • Different environment , people & other animals
  • Focus games
Online (via Zoom) programmes will cover any of the above that can be covered online coaching using video where required.

These programmes are time critical due to the shortness of the key learning phase your puppy has.
I would therefore recommend you book in advance so we can commence once you puppy has settle with you which is probably 5 -7 days after they have joined the family and had their initial vet check.

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