Puppy Training Classes Via Zoom

Puppy Zoom Course for puppies from 8 weeks

Puppy Training Classes Via ZoomPuppy Training Classes Via Zoom
4-week Zoom Puppy Partnership Course - £50
This course is mainly for first time puppy partnerships could be just what you are looking for. For puppies from 8 weeks as no vaccinations are required and will ensure the puppy does not miss out on a key learning period.
It can start even before you pick up your pup as it is more a question & answer session with videos for you to follow at a time your puppy is ready to learn. (puppies need to sleep when they need to sleep so no need to wake them up). The course is relaxed and informative and there will be a private WhatsApp group to chat post and discuss anything that happens between weekly sessions
The 4 week course will cover:
  • Settling & bonding
  • Crate & toilet training,
  • Feeding & sleeping
  • Confidence building
  • Puppy skills & any other questions you may have, sessions will be recorded and sent by e-mail if requested 
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