Terms & Conditions

Booking & Payment
  • Payment in full is required at the time of booking.
  • Payment can be made via bank transfer to Allsorts Dog Behaviour & Care Sort Code 30-99-20 Account Number 27756668 or Paypal to paypal.me/GillGallagher.
  • Any personal coaching session that needs to be postponed & rearranged by the client  or Allsorts Dog Training (except for emergency situations or sudden illness) a minimum of 24 hours notice is required. 
  • Group courses are self contained so missed classes will be forfeited unless cancelled nt Allsorts Dog Training due to trainer illness or dangerous conditions
  • Completion of the Background Information Form and a 30 minute initial consultation via video such as Zoom is to be carried out prior to any coaching programme being confirmed. This consultation is chargeable (£30) but the cost will be deducted from the price of your programme when booked.
  • Bespoke programmes are a commitment of a minimum of 2 months & often longer personal coaching and support. Clients are required to follow the instructions and plan to achieve the results required.
Outside Sessions
  • The Hyden Farm venue is 100% outside in a field. Sessions or classes will go ahead if wet unless the ground is dangerous for the dogs or handlers, therefore please wear suitable footwear & clothing. It is a working farm there are pigs, sheep and other farm animals in neighbouring fields, so all dogs must be kept on leads on the farm. Please close all gates that are closed when you arrive behind you and park considerately as cars will be coming and going between classes and sessions.
  • All dog mess is to be collected and taken home at Hyden Farm (please check you haven’t left any poo bags outside your car before leaving) or put in the bins provided. Water will be available for the dogs.
  • Dogs must not attend a session or group class if it has had sickness or diarrhoea within 3 days of the session for the safety of other dogs that will be using the field or within 3 weeks of symptoms of kennel cough or after being diagnosed with a contagious disease or as advised by a vet. Bitches in season can attend private sessions at the field, please advise if this is the case a minimum 24 hours prior to the session so Allsorts can manage the change over of dogs as the previous or next dog may not be castrated. 
  • Do not allow your dog off lead or long line unless specifically instructed to do so by the, the owner/handler is responsible for the behaviour, control & care of their dog during  & class or session and whilst on the premises.
  • Any Incidents between dogs during a group class must be reported to the trainer (if not seen) at the time of the incident and vet treatment if required sought as soon as possible.
  • Allsorts Dog Training cannot be held liable for loss or damage to property whilst on the property of Hyden Farm.
  • We welcome children to attend classes or sessions but they are the sole responsibility of the adult they are attending with and must not approach or touch other dogs or farm animals without asking the permission of its owner or the trainer with regards to farm animals. Children must remain with their guardian if not handling/training their own dog or eat during the class/session or offer food to other dogs.
  • If training is cancelled for any reason you will be notified by App, text or Facebook as early as possible.
  • Please do not smoke during classes or outside on the farm premises.
  • Finally, we want you and your dog to have fun and if you have any issues with Allsorts Dog Training or any other dog or owner please let me know at the end of the class or as soon as possible afterward.
Your privacy and protection of yourself, dogs and your home
  • Any of the personal information we hold on file, is for Allsorts Dog Training records only. We do not pass any of your details to third parties of any kind and will only be used for passing information back to you. We comply with the strict laws following the new GDPR 2018. All files are destroyed after 7 years from the last time a service was used by you.
  • We may take photos and videos during training sessions for learning and advertising purposes. We will do our best to not include your face, unless agreed beforehand. If you object to photos/videos, please mark as such on the booking form
  • Allsorts Dog Training is covered by a full business insurance including public & employee liability. You have the right to view our policy at any given time.
  • Our insurance will only cover your dog and your home in the event of negligence by Allsorts Dog Training and only during the duration of the services. It is your responsibility to ensure your dog and home has adequate insurance.