Have you every thought when out on a walk with your dog "I wish I had a trainer with me?" because your dog has done something you don't understand or would like help with in real life situations. Specialising in working spaniels & terriers

Walk Talk & Learn Programme
3 x 45 min sessions - £120 
3 x 60 min sessions - £150 
One off 60 min session - £60

Walk, Talk & Train sessions are for you and your dog if you:
  • Have issues that only occur when outside exercising your dog  on walks or in real life situations
  • Find that classes have given you the basics but now do not  cover your individual ongoing needs
  • Have attended classes but in that situation your dog is the perfect dog listening to your very word.
  • Don't have lots of extra time on top of exercising your dog to attend classes 
  • Would like a trainer with you when you are exercising your dog to get instant support
  • Find it difficult to explain what happened after the event
Programmes are either 3 x 45min sessions or 3 x 60min in selected and varied locations within 15 minutes of Clanfield or at my field depending on what you wish to cover. 

Programmes can be booked on Tuesday or Thursday mornings and Wednesday Afternoons

The locations selected include:
  • Woodland
  • Grassland
  • Urban areas
  • Countryside
  • Parks
  • Cafes
Issues we can cover include:
  • Recall
  • Lead walking
  • Calm Behaviours
  • Appropriate greetings human & dog
I can also help you: 
  • Understand their actions 
  • Embrace their instincts and rewarding appropriately 
  • Focus & two-way communication 
  • Use the environment for fun or you both 
  • Build yours and your dogs confidence 
PLEASE NOTE - this is NOT a behavioural programme for dogs that have not had previous training or have reactivity issues