Choose a Programme

As from January 2021 I will not be running group classes for puppies or dogs with special training needs such as adolescents or dogs with no previous training history such a rescue dogs

The reasons for this is that theses groups of dogs require a more individual approach and a group situation does not allow them the attention they deserve.

All the programmes are bespoke and consider your experience, and the  dogs current level of knowledge

Individual Programmes include:The puppy, teenage & back to basics programmes include:
  • A 90 minute in home or video consultation (depending on the current Covid regulations)
  • 3 hours of sessions either at home, on my field or in real life situations depending on the individual puppy or dogs vaccination status or current needs. These are booked to completed within 8 weeks of the initial consultation.
  • A progress plan 
  • A weekly support call 
  • Email support
  • The Puppy to Pupstar Programme allows you to book on to a 60 min controlled fun session where they can meet other puppies of a similar age who have also completed a programme.
Why are programmes better for puppies than classes?

  • The training can start as soon as your puppy has settled in with you and their new family so the key confidence and learning phase is not missed.
  • The initial session is carried out in your home where your puppy is happy and will mainly focus on confidence and relationship building which will make learning easier in the future.
  • The programme is bespoke so will take into account your knowledge and experience and the puppies current ability and confidence.
  • Your puppy is the focus of the sessions and any questions will be answered then and there with out fear of encroaching on class time or having to wait until the end or forgetting to ask.
  • The training can be taken out and about to different locations once the vaccinations have been completed so the distractions are different and can be tailored to your puppy.
  • Your puppy will learn much more in 30 minutes of individual training than in a 60 minute class, therefore may work out more cost effective over all as you may not have to attend numerous courses to get where you want to be.
  • Progress can be measured as the focus is on your puppy and not a group.
  • The programme can fit with your schedule (subject to availability) and not just the same time every week.
I  feel that this is the best way forward for training puppies for all of the reasons above and in the long run a programme may appear very expensive compared to traditional classes. But as all programmes are bespoke we are not covering things you may already know or have taught your puppy and you can ask the instructor anything you wish to know. Therefore they may be more cost effective as you have all the time for you and your puppy covering what is important to you and you will have much more support.

For teenage and dogs without a training history most of the above points still apply as older dogs have differing amounts of existing skills and knowledge therefore many things included in a class may not be relevant to you and your dog.

Once the initial programme has been completed extra blocks of  6 x 30 or 4 x 45 minute sessions can be booked until your dog or puppy has reached the level required or is able to join the Dog Circuits or Hoopers classes if you wish to do so.